Why the CFC?

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When you give through the CFC you are given confidence, convenience, and choice:

Confidence: Donors can give with confidence knowing this is a federally regulated program.

  • Giving is easy and secure—choose from the list of approved charities, then donate through the online giving portal or with a paper pledge form.
  • CFC charities have been vetted as legitimate nonprofit organizations that provide real benefits and services to the communities they serve.

Convenience: The CFC is convenient for donors and charities.

  • The CFC encourages people to think about making charitable contributions.
  • Charities rely on donations from the CFC because they are a consistent source of unrestricted revenue throughout the year and an inexpensive way to attract new donors.
  • Payroll deduction makes it easy to make small regular contributions that quickly add up to a significant impact.

Choice: The CFC provides a myriad of choices from how to pledge to the thousands of charities donors can choose to support.

  • There are several ways to pledge: payroll deduction, credit/debit card, or ACH transfer from a bank account.
  • Donors have the option to further their impact by pledging both dollars and volunteer time.
  • The CFC provides donors the option to give anonymously. Donors choose whether to release their name and contact information to the charities they support.
  • There are thousands of local, national, and international participating charities for donors to choose from. Designations can be made to one or multiple charities. Note that donors must select at least one charity when making a pledge.